Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance


To enhance the quality of life of all those living in Labrador by providing and advocating for an exceptional facility, programs and services for entertainment, education, and cultural activities.

Learn, Live and Love the performing arts.



The Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre is a community-operated facility that engages and enriches area residents, artists and organizations by providing quality artistic experiences and opportunities that stimulate, promote, and support the arts in Labrador. The Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance encourages participation and inspires an appreciation for the arts.

The Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance is made up of community members representing various arts organizations and cultural groups. Members of the Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance elect a board of directors at their annual general meeting. The board of directors is the legal governing authority for the Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance, with board members acting in a position of trust for the community. The Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance is responsible for the operation and management of the Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre, a truly community-based performing arts centre available to everyone in Labrador.



  1. To provide a wide range of performances reflecting the diverse interests of Labrador audiences.
  2. To provide opportunities for community members to learn through participation in various aspects of the performing arts: acting, set design, lights, sound, etc.
  3. To facilitate, promote and present both Labrador-based and visiting productions.
  4. To govern in a strategic manner using an innovative and creative approach.


ELAA Board of Directors

Chair: Craig Taylor
Vice Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Morgen Mills
Secretary: vacant

vacant - Town Representative
vacant - School Representative
Laura Battcock
Sheila Connors
Jamie Jackman
Jade Rachwal

Manager: Vacant
Administrative Assistant: Suzanne Mealey
Box Office Clerk: Suzanne Mealey
Technical Director: Liam Byrne


ELAA Sub Committees

The ELAA has four sub committees that have worked on policies and procedures in the following areas:

  • Operations and Front of House
  • Building Maintenance and Technical
  • Human Resources
  • Finance

They have established guidelines for the operation of the theatre and continue to review and assess these guidelines.

Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre