Our Facilities

Theatre Space

View our Seating Plan (PDF file).

CAPACITY: 283 soft seats, 2 wheel chair spaces, 122 soft portable chairs ( maximum capacity 404 )
STAGE SIZE: 40' wide x 31' deep to fire line (with thrust 38')
WINGS: 12' x 24'
STAGE FLOOR: sprung, painted black
CURTAINS: three traveller curtains, two sets moveable legs on traveller tracks, cyclorama (20' high x 17.5 ' wide), two 8x12 portable curtains
PIANO: Yamaha C7 Grand, portable upright in the foyer
PROJECTOR : Panasonic PT-LB78VU mounted from catwalk 13' high, 21.5' from drop down screen (12'wide x 8' high)
LOADING DOORS : level access
DRESSING ROOMS: male/female, 24' x 12' (288 sq. ft.) sinks only, shared washroom
GREEN ROOM: N/A but one dressing room has mini fridge, kettle, iron, ironing board, steamer.
FOYER: 48' x 44' with art tracking for display
PARKING: front and rear of the arts centre
OTHER :Portable rectangular tables (10), choral risers (4) and portable staging (4-4x8, 4-3x8, 2-4x4) with 32", 24" and 16" legs, Black round cabaret tables (34), projection screen with floor stand (12' x 12'), portable projector Sanyo PLC-XW250, drum riser (8'x 8' platform 12" high)


Equipment List

House Audio:
  1. Mixing Console, Soundcraft Si3 64 channel - 64 inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 24 bus outputs, 8 matrix outputs, 12 VCAs, 8 mute groups, 4-band fully parametric EQ with high and low cut filters
  2. Processor, DBX260 DriveRack
  3. Graphic EQ DBX 2231
  4. Compressors and Gates, 8ch DBX 1046 Comp/Gate/Limiter, 8ch 1074 Gates
  5. Effects, Lexicon MX200, Lexicon MX 400, also available- TC M-One, Yamaha SPX 90, Roland SDE1000 Delay, Lexicon MX 300
  6. Playback - Tascam CD-A500 CD and Cassette, Tascam TU-690 Radio Tuner
  7. Snake - Hardwired Stage Right, 48 Channel 3-way split, Main/Mon/Broadcast
  8. PA Speakers - JBL SRX728S 2x18 Subs, JBL SRX722 4x12 +2x horns each side
  9. PA Amplifiers - 2 x Crown IT4000, Crown IT8000 Sub amp
Monitor System:
  1. Wedges - 8 JBL JRX700, Single 12 Speakon Connectors
  2. EQ's - 8 Channels DBX 2231 Graphic EQ's Located at FOH
  3. Mix Control 8 Mixes from FOH, Stage mix capable but not supplied with snake adapter, monitor console, EQ's and amplifiers.
Microphone List:
  1. Wireless, 4 AKG 450 Handheld, 4 x AKG 450 Beltpack with 4 x AKG 577 Headset (flesh colour)
  2. Vocal Mics, 4 x AKG C5 Condensers, 4 x AKG D5 Dynamic Handheld
  3. Instrument Microphones - 4 x AKG C430, 1 x AKG D112, 4 x AKG C518M, 4 x AKG C431B
  4. Boundary Mics - 4 x Crown PCC160 Phase Coherent Cardioid
  5. Direct Boxes- 8 x DBX DB12, w/-20dB, -40dB, Phase reverse, ground lift, high-pass filter
  6. Lectern Mic - AKG Gooseneck Podium Style
Back line:
  1. Guitar amp Fender Twin 100 watt
  2. Bass rig - Ampeg SVT3 pro 4 x 10 cabinter
  3. Drum set 5 piece Yamaha maple custom on 8x8 drum riser
  4. Marimba, Adams 4.3 octave Artist Classic, Rosewood, Voyager Frame with Oak end-pieces and rails
  1. 3 ch Production Intercom Station Located at FOH lighting
  2. 4 BP-1 Beltpacks with 2 One earphone headsets and 2 Two earphone headsets
  3. 4 com locations; Stage right, stage left, FOH sound and FOH Lighting
  1. Dimmer System: Strand C21 86 channels of dimming installed located in upstairs mechanical room
  2. Console: Strand Preset Pallette II
  3. Monitor: Viewsonic VA903mb LCD
  4. Fixtures: 36 x Strand Variable Focus Ellipsoidal Spotlight 575watt, 20 x 6 Fresnelight 500watt,
  5. Cyclorama Lights: 6 x Cyc Light 500watt.


Theatre Foyer - Clay Tile Mural - 'Labradoria'

The foyer of the Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre features a beautiful clay tile mural. Here is the history behind this project.

Labrador Creative Arts Festival

The Labrador Creative Arts Festival, founded by Dr. Tim Borlase in 1975, is Canada's longest-running festival celebrating youth and the arts. Once each year for a full week, this Festival brings together young people from all over Labrador and artists from all over the world to share their love of music, theatre, dance, writing, and visual art.

Festival Theme

In 2006, the theme of the Festival was "Putting the Pieces Together : A Cultural Mosaic". The Festival that year celebrated the aboriginal heritage of Labrador and the multiple groups who came to Labrador to settle. Young people put together the mosaic pieces of their ethnicity. This theme spoke to the basic principle of the Festival as written in 1975 by Tim Borlase and Noreen Heighton.

That there is an expressed need for young people resident in Labrador, be they Inuit, Innu, Metis, Settler or newcomer, to know their past and their role in developing Labrador community, to be active in the preservation of their heritage and to be arbiters of their future.

Visiting Artist

The construction of a physical mosaic under the direction of visiting artist Lynda Faulks was integral to this theme. Lynda Faulks, an arts educator from Vancouver Island who has more than 270 student-created murals displayed in British Columbia, came to the 2006 Labrador Creative Arts Festival and shared her skills. She presented a week-long workshop, using the theme of "Labradoria", teaching the bas-relief technique on clay slabs to a group of nineteen students, twelve to eighteen years of age, and to arts educator, Dorrie Brown. In the two years following the Festival, Dorrie Brown extended this mural project to include another thirty four tiles and now thirteen Labrador communities are represented .


The students came up with ideas to represent the theme, researched images, made sketches, developed the sketches, transferred the drawings onto the clay slabs, and finally worked the clay into shapes and textures. The tiles were cured, painted and an antiquing technique applied, using metallic hues, before they were fired in a small kiln. The mural was installed in the Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre in June 2009. The O'Brien Arts Centre opened its doors in September 2009 and a ceremony to recognize the mural artists was held in March 2010.


This work was enabled by funding and support from ten organizations and businesses who are commemorated in miniature clay tiles. Many individuals also donated time and energy to this project and they are remembered through this work of art.

The Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre, the Labrador Creative Arts Festival and the Labradoria Clay Tile Mural exemplify the extraordinary efforts of many people, from many Labrador communities. It is fitting that they are joined together for all time celebrating the arts.

Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre