Patron Services & Policies


Free parking is available. During the winter months please observe that the zone for accessible parking is directly in front of the theatre entrance, and we request that these spaces be left open. Please respect the fire lanes which are directly beside the building.


Coat Check

The Coat Check to the left of the Box Office window. It is a service available for all patrons free of charge but donations are welcomed. For the safety and comfort of all patrons, we suggest that large bags, back packs and bulky coats be left at the Coat Check.


Seat Location

All seats are numbered across from left to right (when facing the seats) as you enter the theatre. Rows A, B, and C are in the lower section. The upper section has rows D through M. If chairs are added on the floor they are rows AA, BB, CC, and DD.

Our ushers will be there to assist you and show you to your seat.


Late Arrivals

In order that all patrons have an enjoyable experience, those who arrive late will not be seated until there is a suitable break in the performance.


Scents and Sensibility

We are a SCENT-FREE venue. Please respect that your fellow patrons may have sensitivities and allergies.


Phone Number During Shows

The Box Office phone number is 896-4028 and is answered until all patrons have left the building. If a patron needs to be reached while they are attending a show, please call and someone will find them.



Washrooms are located at the far end of the lobby. Both washrooms have accessible stalls and baby change stations.


Special Needs

Please let the Box Office know of special needs when ordering tickets. The O'Brien Arts Centre is fully accessible, but wheelchair seating is limited. Assistive listening is available.


Performance Notes

  • Cellular phones and pagers must be turned off or left at the Box Office
  • Cameras, video cameras, cell phones and any audio/video recording devices are generally NOT PERMITTED in the theatre. If renters or performers want to allow photography they must request permission. Management must be advised when there is to be a designated photographer at an event.
  • Only water is permitted in the theatre.


Disruptive Patrons

In order to maintain a high standard of theatre etiquette and make the theatre experience enjoyable for all patrons - anyone who physically or verbally disrupts other patrons and performers will be removed from the theatre.

Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre